What we work with?

We use the highest quality products for the highest quality results.


Basic® Coatings

BASIC® Coatings is a highly superior water based hardwood finish that we highly recommend.


BONA® is a highly rated floor specialist that St. Claire Flooring recommends. We use BONA® water base finishes, stains, and floor care products.



DURASEAL® is a hardwood flooring product provider with more than 100 years of business. We use DURASEAL® oil based finishes and stains.


GLITSA® is a highly superior flooring product producer. We recommend GLITSA®'s tough oil based finishes and floor protection products.



NORTON SAINT-GOBAIN® is the only producer that we use for wood abrasives. Norton has over 125 year of sanding abrasives experience.


SYNTEKO® is a highly regarded European enterprise that produces high quality oil based finishes.



CLARKE® is a manufacturer of floor maintenance machines with more than 100 years of experience. We use CLARKE® sand edge machines, vacuums and buffers for hardwood flooring needs.


LÄGLER® the premier choice for sanding machines. We use LÄGLER® belt sanders for all of our sanding operations.


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